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I build guitars that are unique in sound and design. Getting the best out of the two is my ambition. To achieve this, I do a lot of research and I only work with high quality woods and materials. All guitars are made by hand in my own workshop. On this website I try to give you an impression of the guitars I make, the way I work and where I work. Beside building  guitars I designed myself, I also make guitars on commission and do repairs. Send me a message when you’re interested.

The Workshop

My workbench is in the center of the workshop. This way I am surrounded by my tools. My woods are stored in a special room with regulated humidity. The workshop is equipped with a good music system because in my opinion music is mandatory during wood working. Surrounded by the beautiful art of guitarmaking, the wonderful smell of wood and the beautiful background music, I enjoy working in my workshop to the fullest.

My Guitar Models

My guitars can be divided into two main categories;
Steel string guitars and Nylon string guitars. There are two steel string models: the dragonfly model and the ladybird model. The nylon string model is called butterfly model.  

The steel string guitars come in two scale lengths: 65 cm (the Dragonfly jumbo and Dragonfly standard), and a scale length of 63.5cm (the Ladybird slim waist and the Ladybird dreadnought). All steel string models are available in cut out version. Another category is the ‘Nylon string guitar’ for classic guitar players. The Butterfly model falls into this category. But, besides nylon and steel string guitars, I also make (and repair) other stringed instruments. For example, take a look at my Cister/Irish Bouzouki and Ukeleles.


A guitar is delicate instrument. Accidents and humidity may cause cracks and other damage to your favourite stringed instrument. No problem! As a luthier and I am also able to repair your beautiful stringed instrument. Besides guitars, I also repair other stringed instruments. Please, ask for a valuation and quotation for the repair. This way, I can rate if the repair is cost-effective.

About Ben

Ben Witteman is born in Leiden, The Netherlands. He learned the skill of woodworking from his father. At the age of 15 he bought his first guitar. The visual beauty and the broad spectrum of tonal possibilities immediately touched him. Because, for the love of this instrument and the beautiful art of woodworking, he started the skill of lutherie. He uses his revolutionary ideas to improve the sustain, tonal spectrum and loudness of the acoustic guitar with respect to the visual aesthetics of the instrument. In other words, he gives the instrument the quality and soul without ignoring the history and experiences of other experienced luthiers. He only builds instruments from the finest solid tone woods. He is a luthier that works alone. Every guitar is created by his own hands. He has a special passion for building classic and steel string guitars.