My Workshop

As a luthier I’m very lucky to have a beautiful workshop. Beside hand tools I also use routers to make the bindings. 

The workshop is ventilated and heated in an optimal way. I also use special air conditioners to keep the humidification level between 40 and 50 percent. This way the risk of wood cracks after assembling the guitar is reduced to a minimum. And, the finishing results are optimal.


Good things take time

Constructing a guitar needs focus, a steady hand and a lot of patience. To give an idea, most guitars take up to 300 hours to built. Therefore, it is important that my workshop is a pleasant environment for the guitars, but also for me.

My guitars have a personal touch

I consider the interaction between the guitar and its (future) player as very important. For this reason, I want to know the personality, passion and spirit of the player. Only with this knowledge I can design and refine the individual guitar on special aspects, and improve the interaction between the guitar and the player. Of course, the visual beauty and design of the guitar are important too. I have a preference for modern designs with respect to old traditions. I like using modest inlays, crafted by hand by combining different woods and other natural materials.

There is no such thing as just ‘wood’

Before making a guitar it is important to choose the right woods to build with. Wood forms the basic soul of a guitar. The right choice of woods influences the final quality of the guitar. The density and age of the woods play an important role in this. For the tops of the guitars, I use old and fully dried cedar or spruce. These woods are extremely light and rigid, and guarantee a superb warm tone. For the sides and back of the guitar, I often feature the colourful and characteristic Rio Palissander (always at least 30 years old, and fully certified). Furthermore, I have a collection of old and beautiful other woods, like figured maple, Honduras/Cuba mahogany, Indian palissander and many more. For the neck I select light and stable woods to improve the sustain of the guitar.

What does a (priceless) guitar cost?

It is nearly impossible to make a clear estimate of what a custom guitar costs. Simply, because it depends on all choices made in the making process. And, those choices depend on the kind of wishes the player has, the choice of wood types, cutouts, bindings, inlays, extra’s, you name it! For this reason, the price of a custom made guitar can vary between 3600 and 9500 euro. 

Building a guitar needs a collaboration with the  the player to make the right choices in the building proces. Therefore, I always interact with my customers and give regular updates of the actual costs and building proces. 

I ship all my guitars in a hard-shell case to avoid any damage, and to allow an easy and safe transit for the rest of the guitars’ life. ,